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The Dublin International Game Music Festival
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Monday, July 2, 2012

Symphony 47

Every Monday morning I have the great pleasure of rehearsing/reading/workshopping every type of orchestral music imaginable with my dear friends from Symphony 47 at the Musicians' Union in Hollywood. This is one of the most beautiful groups of people out there and I treasure every moment with them. That's me with the blurry arms and my friend, associate conductor, Luca Ciut in the second picture. Symphony 47 is entirely voluntary and made up of a motley collection of current union members, retired union members, students and anyone who wants a great old time on a Monday morning. The Local 47 (The Musicians' Union) has graciously opened up membership to non-union members and we have a total blast together workshopping concerti with fabulous soloists, reading through new works by composers we know and every now and then I'll invite a "celebrity guest" conductor to work with us. There's nothing like starting with week by blowing out the cobwebs with a bloody great Beethoven overture. There's absolutely no pressure and a lot of laughter; usually at my expense... sacrifices, sacrifices... Thanks to Dr. Janice Foy, Floyd Clark and Vice President of the Local 47, John Acosta - the dreamers of dreams behind this project - for inviting me to be part of something that is one of the brightest jewels in my week. (Dang it! How do I get this thing to make paragraphs?!) For those that want to come and join us (that means you, film and game composers who've let their instruments go to rust and rot!) send an email to You'd never know who you might meet there in Hollywood on a Monday morning... Exo

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