The Dublin International Game Music Festival

The Dublin International Game Music Festival
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Monday, July 30, 2012


'Philadelphia here I come, right back where I started from..'Aha Mr. Friel, I followed your footsteps on my travels this past week and ended up at the Mann Center in Philly with the fabulous Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

"The Mann" was the utmost in outdoor summer concert chic (it's own fashion genre don't you know) and the staff there treated us like rock stars. Toasting with champagne in the dressing room post-concert - courtesy of Catherine Cahill CEO and the Mann team - was one of those memorable pinch-worthy moments.

Most importantly however was my excitement over the orchestra whose brass section need to be heard to be believed but more about that in later posts...

During our brief time in Philadelphia, the guys on the team all had to experience a "Philly Cheese Steak" which is a type of sick poisonous torture to a celiac like me, but of course I had to tag along to vicariously experience this cultural phenomenon. Suffice it to say that I developed an instant new-found interest in vegetarianism and have never seen such an enormous vat of fluorescent cheeze whiz in my life. I stand vicariously culturally educated - without the indigestion.

I did however find an interesting name beneath my feet on Philly's music walk of fame:

Lepold Stokowski, best known for inspiring a generation of young musicians with Disney's Fantasia and wielding a big stick with a very suspect dodgy Eastern European accent.

However, you know you've made it when you get parodied by Bugs Bunny (I find this utterly hilarious which is tragically uncool):
We played to just shy of 7,000 mad cheering souls at The Mann Center but this is what it looked like earlier in the day - Another Jeron photo classic
Stage at The Mann

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