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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Comic Con and San Diego Symphony

So I hit Comic Con with the Zelda Symphony team, my trusty assistant Miss Madz and SJB in tow. What a fantastic audience - I've never seen so many Links in one place at the same time, well not during the day-time anyway...

Rehearsals with San Diego Symphony went well - aside from a weather advisory that threatened to rain on our parade - so I felt good about the show before we started. I also got to meet and work with a very special choral group called Sacra/Profana under the superb direction of Krishan Oberoi. As well as working on standard repertoire, they had just shot a video for an arrangement of some Maroon 5's stuff. You can find out more about them here.


HEADS UP!: Mini javelin-like projectile coming your way: The occupational hazards of working in an orchestra with Eímear.

The concert begins and the overture is off to a rousing start. My music-stand isn't big enough for the tall Zelda score so stand lights had been mounted to a second music-stand in front of me. Not accustomed to said wall of music-stands, in the middle of the overture my baton hit the underside of one of the stand lights and well... it "caught some air" (SJB's a surfer so I'm generally bombarded with such "lofty" terminology) catapulting itself into the first violins, narrowly missing the associate concert-master - poor sod. The overture ends and there's the usual enthusiastic response from our beloved Zelda fans.

Before I turn to the audience an impishly smirking associate concert-master hands me back the baton with a grandiose flourish hidden from the audience by his desk-partner. Of course, not being one to keep any drama from our friends in the audience, I took the microphone and proclaimed it to be a great portent from the fates, or simply a sign of good luck, that the conductor throws the baton at the orchestra during the overture. Naturellement?!

Gotta love live performance...

Ooops, was that your head madam?!

Here are some images from rehearsals and performance by my precocious 12 1/2 year old assistant (the 1/2 is terribly important you know) and step-daughter Miss Madz:


Rehearsing at The Embarcadero, summer home to the San Diego Symphony - rehearsing with a crazed mind focused on the potential threat from some ominous looking rain-clouds.
Beautiful harpist's hands on the jumbotron
The prettiest artists' entrance anywhere...
Backstage wasn't too bad either
Getting our act together


Discussions with The Zelda Team pre-rehearsal

The guts of the operation
Finally found my way on stage after Spinal Tap-esque tour of the warren back stage
The view from the stage was pretty decent, oh and the waterfront looked nice too...
On stage with Jeron

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