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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fireworks in Houston

Happy "Fourth" America.

I'm in Houston Texas on the Fourth of July watching the fireworks as backdrop to beautiful Jones Hall, home to the Houston Symphony Orchestra. I'm looking forward to meeting the orchestra tomorrow and hoping beyond all hope that at least a couple of them will show up in cowboy boots and maybe, just maybe... a space-suit? Right, so the narrow-mindedness of that comment practically wills someone in the orchestra to give me a damned impersonation of that damned leprechaun in the "Lucky Charms" advert (FACT: they don't allow those things come to come through customs in Ireland for fear of a national revolt; "revolt" and revulsion being the projected national sentiment).

Anyway, I absolutely love the Houston Symphony's recording of Stravinsky's Le Baisir de la Fée with conductor Hans Graf (particularly beautiful cello solos deserve a mention). God, that piece sounds like Tchaikovsky on some very interesting non-prescription drugs... In fact, it's sounds like the Nut finally Cracked...

Oh dear... a pun.

Anyway, here's Jones Hall, a fine example of indigenous American architecture (especially with the Fourt of July fireworks in the background). It looks like an alien civilization is about to land their ship on the stage (Where's Bill Pulman when you need him?):

So... yesterday I solicited the help of stylist Nikki Holmes in Santa Monica to create some DRAMATIC make-up looks for The Symphony of the Goddesses (For God's sake Lenny Bernstein wore A CAPE on stage and what's a little eye-makeup compared to A CAPE! Ok, so he was a bit of a superhero, we'll give 'im that). I showed her some pictures of VG heroines and of courses the bould Link and his constant conspirator, Princess Zelda. The result turned out a little more "Wicked" than we had intended but here it is:

Ok, was denkst Du? Sure, the blue has got to go in favor of green... for Link and for... IRELAND... but that's a tad un-patriotic in my adopted country considering the day that's in it.
Shur I thought a green card was something the yanks just gave a person as a prize just for the grand honor of being Irish... we're "magically delicious" you know.

Deee-fyy-ing Graaaaavittteeeeeeee


  1. It's also a bit Kylie Minogue. Love it! Definitely needs some Zelda green (maybe one of the darker shades from Twilight Princess?). Can't wait to see you (and the orchestra) in October!

  2. Ooooh yes! Be sure to say hello after the show in October. I'll be out front. E xxx