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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Last Night - Symphony of the Goddesses in Houston

We had such a great time on stage last night with a fantastic Houston audience throwing energy at us to put in to our performance. Zelda fans make such a fantastically appreciative audience. I LOVE seeing entire families coming to see the show together. So many parents have told us how amazed they are that their kids want to go to the symphony and so many grown-up Zelda fans tell us that SOTG is their first time to experience the magic of a live orchestra. Thanks to The Houston Symphony Orchestra and Chorus and the staff at Jones Hall for treating us so well especially at the meet-and-greet with fans after the show.

Jeron and I with Majora's Masks! Amazing fan creations.
with Jordin and her triforce t-shirt
With Gabriel

with Brian and his fab shirt

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  1. You were absolutely AMAZING! My heart could barely contain all of the wonderful emotions that hearing you performing live produced in me. THANK YOU for giving us Zelda fans this magnificent gift!

  2. Once you are finished touring I'm sure TONS of fans would love to have the tracks that weren't included in the 25th Anniversary that you recorded last year, available to them to buy via download or CD. I know you're just the conductor--but maybe you could pitch that to them! You were great Friday night! It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to at Jones Hall.

  3. Hi Guys, thanks for the kind words and encouragement. It's always such a pleasure to perform for Zelda fans - the most appreciative audience EVER.
    Love you guys!